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Meeting & Event Technology Consultants

The Event Guys provides technology advice and services for live event organizers, agencies, and associations. Our services include scouting and implementing new technologies, data analysis, and systems integration.


The vast majority of meeting and event planners that we’ve talked to over the last few years continue to use archaic methods and tools for planning their events. The common approach is to to use a combination of spreadsheets, email, documents, online storage, paper, and their own memory to plan and execute their programs.

The Event Guys has designed some incredibly efficient planning tools using a platform called Podio that streamlines the workflow of planning and saves planners dozens if not hundreds of work hours. We customize each individual application for our clients to fit exactly into how they work. Here’s some examples of how this powerful platform can be used:

  • Full conference management

  • Customized registration system (no more % to your provider)

  • Centralize information and data storage

  • Content Management System (CMS) for Mobile Event Apps and Conference Websites

  • Automate submission of speakers, sponsors, session content

  • Orchestrate Run of Show & notifications

  • Automate Abstract submission process

  • Manage volunteers

  • “Drip marketing” campaigns

  • Committee/team oversight and governance

  • Automate expense and budget tracking

If you’d like more information about these planning tools and the services we offer to help you implement, please contact us directly for a free initial consultation.

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