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Meeting & Event Technology Consultants

The Event Guys provides technology advice and services for live event organizers, agencies, and associations. Our services include scouting and implementing new technologies, data analysis, and systems integration.


Do your technology platforms “play nice” with each other? Are they fully integrated and sharing key data? Or are you downloading and uploading information via spreadsheets, or worse, keying in data multiple times into different systems?

Or perhaps you have a favorite project management platform, email system, email marketing software, accounting system, or CRM and you wish your event management systems were integrated with them?

The Event Guys can integrate ALL of your platforms so that they work seamlessly together, instantly sharing key data and automating workflow across multiple systems. We've partnered with the innovative team at to bring their enterprise level Integration Platform to the Meetings and Event Industry. This service enables pure connectivity and integration for any device, sensor, beacon, product, or service with an API to help make meetings, conferences, and other events run more efficiently.

You'll find some great event technology on the library of services -, Swoogo, Metameetings, EventMobi - with more being added every week.

So whether you’re interested in working with new partners that you can find on the EventTechGuide, or simply want to integrate your existing platforms, our Integration Platform as a Service ( IPaaS ) will save you time and money. Contact us today for a free consultation.

And if you’re a technology platform or organizer that has a specific integration request for one of your clients, please fill out the request form found at the link below. We'll respond quickly with availability and pricing.

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