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Event Technology Consultants

The Event Guys provides technology advice and services for live event organizers, agencies, and associations. Our services include scouting and implementing new technologies, onsite/on call support, and ad hoc project management.


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We live in exciting times! Never before has there been so many choices to help capture data, engage attendees, streamline communication, and improve efficiency. The speed at which event technology is developing and changing is increasing exponentially, at times leaving a marketplace confused, dazed, and feeling left behind. Many planners and organizations, faced with so many options, become locked up in this paradox of choice and do nothing. Or worse, they invest in the wrong technology or provider and fail to meet their goals and objectives.

The Event Guys can help you choose, implement, and manage the right event technology for your needs.


The choices and types of event technology  and providers continues to evolve at a rapid pace: mobile event apps, chatbots, registration and housing systems, planning software, event marketing, surveys and polling, presentation management, exhibitor management, speaker/abstract management, virtual meetings, and collaboration platforms…..What’s essential, or just a fad? How do you know which solution is a solid player and which ones are destined to fail? How do you get past all the hype? Which solution is right for you and your events?

You can avoid the proverbial “rabbit holes” of technology by engaging our team to explore, evaluate and deploy event technology tools for you. The Event Guys has spent thousands of hours researching and implementing event technology over the past few years and can guide you to the right solutions, saving you time and money. And since we work for YOU, we offer an unbiased, objective viewpoint.


Once you decide which event technology to deploy, we’re available to help you negotiate, contract, train and onboard your team, and integrate the new technology with the other systems in your tech stack. We leverage our vendor network, extensive experience, and advanced knowledge of numerous solutions, their price structures, and support systems to make this process efficient and effective, helping to ensure that you get the best deal and that through proper implementation, the most out of your investment.

  • Mobile Event Apps

  • Registration Platforms

  • Onsite On Demand Badging

  • Attendee Tracking

  • Content/Speaker Management

  • Reporting

  • Data Analysis


Whether you’re an independent planner, or a large corporation, when it comes to managing events, there are critical times when your team is never big enough or has the skill set needed to tackle the job. Event technology specialists can bring valuable skills to your planning efforts , but aren’t always needed on a full time basis. Need someone to build out your client’s event registration site, or manage the build of the mobile event app? Are you providing on demand badge printing, and attendee tracking, but don’t have the expertise in house?

The Event Guys can provide on call temporary support and assistance for your conferences. We can manage a full project during preplanning phase, or simply provide onsite support to help you during the busiest of times.

The Event Guys can be your guide as you navigate this complex world of event technology. We’ll help your organization deploy the right technology to meet your needs, and allow you to focus on delivering successful events.

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